Tables & Desks for Students

An important part of education in our modern day is understanding the fact that students learn in many different ways. Woods Furniture provide many flexible opportunities for educators to select classroom tables that promotes flexibility with seating arrangements. Education no longer requires students to sit in rows of tables facing the front. Many studies show that Group seating creates a positive learning environment as opposed to working in rows. Group seating facilitates four key things.

  • Small group teaching,
  • Collaboration in learning within groups of children,
  • Ability grouping or setting within a class, students can work independently within their group or with adult facilitation.
  • Access to resources which, when placed in the centre of a group table, can be reached by all.

Here are 5 tips for Classroom Tables So Teachers Can Choose The Perfect Student desk For Their Teaching Environment.

  1. Many educators teach in small group settings. The Wave, Conundrum, Cuneus and trapezoid tables, allow for Students to work in a variety of different ways by adding or removing groups of tables to accommodate for groups sizes. These tables when arranged together, allow for students to easily see and access group activities and participate in discussions and also can be configured in a variety of ways which is perfect for when space is limited.
  2. Desk furniture needs to be accessible to the Teacher. The Byte, Penta pod and intensive Teaching table provides excellent access for the Teacher to work with students and be at the forefront of their learning. This desk arrangement also allows the Teacher to have a clear view from a seated or standing position of all student’s work.
  3. Desks need to be portable and easy to move around. Woods Furniture provides desk options with wheels for easy moving and also folding tops if space is a factor.
  4. Desks need to cater for individual student needs. Many students these days struggle to focus let alone sit still. A good solution is a Standing desk for students like the Shift + Sit-Stand. Standing classroom desks provide an opportunity for students to adjust their desk to a height where they can work standing up-right allowing them the freedom to stand, stretch and move around until they are ready to sit again. A Standing table for classroom activities not only benefits students but also Teachers.
  5. Desks that are in line with modern trends that fit right in with the modern classroom. Woods Furniture provide countless variety for their students desks including different colour choices for both the table top and the table legs. Colours can be selected to match in with School colour themes or be selected to brighten up an ordinary classroom.

So which option will work best for you? It’s as easy as asking yourself these three simple questions.

  1. What sort of learning environment do my students learn the best in? (Consider group sizes, ability groups, circle seating, partner work etc.)
  2. How can I best utilize my Teaching space? (Is space a limiting factor, do you like variety, will other people be using the same space).
  3. Is there a particular look I am trying to achieve? (colour, design, theme etc)

Require some assistance or need some expert advice on? Then give the experts at Woods Furniture a call.