Soft Furnishings

Many learning spaces require an added touch with soft furnishings like a school sofa. These types of furnishings can be found in places like Libraries, study nooks and staff rooms. Woods Furniture provide a variety of durable, modern and stylish soft furnishings that can brighten up any space.

Staff and students often feel more relaxed when they can sit or lie on furniture that is not the same as their work desk or classroom desk. In communal areas such as staffrooms and Libraries a relaxed state of mind and comfort are two main important factors when deciding on what furnishing fits your space. Rose Tarlow once said “Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful.”

How do you pick a school sofa that is right for you space? Here are three simple questions to help.

  1. Who is going to be using the space?

For example if it is a learning space like a Library where the main focus is going to be young children or teenagers reading or participating in quiet activities, bright colours, patterns and flexible designs that can be pulled apart and rearranged are a must. Children love walking into spaces that have the ‘Wow’ factor. A popular design the ‘Jigsaw’ gives this exact wow factor with its vibrant colour choices and also the ability to pick and choose how many pieces to connect. It is made out of hard wearing materials that are well suited to the up and down climbing that may occur with young, enthusiastic children. Library furniture needs to be adaptable, easy to move and vibrant.

  1. What is the space used for?

Is the space a quiet area, reading space or a staffroom relaxation zone? Many staff members as well as students love to have a place to relax and put their feet up during their break times.

Woods Furniture offer a variety of different ottoman styles to serve this purpose. These ottomans can be partnered with other furniture like the blocks chair which makes a perfect school sofa for the staffroom. The reading cave and concave/convex ottoman are also perfect collaborative learning furniture pieces that encourage shared reading or quiet conversations in a Library or staffroom setting.

Another great piece is the Island which not only can be used as a seat for up to six children, but has built in storage which is perfect for storing puzzles and books. This piece makes a great piece for collaborative work and is extremely functional with the added storage space.

  1. How do you want this space to feel?

When adding a school sofa to a space you want it to serve a purpose. You want the piece to be able to speak for itself and encourage whoever walks in to sit, relax, grab a book or a coffee. The different colour choices, patterns and designs Woods Furniture offer gives you the freedom and space to create the look you want.

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