Library Furniture

Woods Furniture provides a wide range of library furniture for schools and education facilities all over Australia. From study carrels to our “pod” desks that encourage a collaborative learning environment, our lounges for reading to study stools and chairs – we have an option to create the perfect learning environment in your library.

All our furniture is available in different finishes and dimensions based on your library needs. We deliver all over Australia, from the Northern Territory to Tasmania, the city to regional areas, the East Coast to WA; library supplies and furniture is our specialty.

The importance of library furniture

The choice of furniture in your school library is very important! Furniture adds to the atmosphere and learning environments that are created in a library. You need to find the right furniture that is going to work with the different zones in your library; the reading areas, collaborative learning spaces and teaching zones. The design and layout of each space in school libraries will dictate how the students use it and how successful it will be at fulfilling its purpose.

Choosing your library furniture

There are a number of things you can do to make sure you choose the right school furniture for your library.

First, we suggest having a brainstorming session to decide what the goal is you are trying to achieve in each area of your library; deciding which areas are going to be used for which purposes. There may be areas for library shelving and display units, and areas for quiet reading and learning. When you understand the purpose of each area and what environment the furniture is aiming to create, the type and style you need will become more apparent.

Second, there are a number of questions you need to ask like: how much space do you have? What school chairs, shelving systems, seating tables and furniture do you already have in the space to work with? What is the look and finish of the other furniture already in the school and does it need to be cohesive? Is there a style, theme or look that you are aiming for?

Finally, using this information, you can utilize many online applications and software to draw up the space to make sure the furniture fits and works together. If you need help with this – our friendly team of experts can help by drawing it up for you and making suggestions about what products will work in each space. If technology isn’t working for you to do this – a good old paper and pencil version can also do the trick!

Types of furniture to consider

There are lots of different types of furniture for schools to consider for a library. There’s the learning desks, circulation desks, chairs, lounges, ottomans, and shelving to look at. There are pod desks for flexible and collaborative learning or carrel desks for private study. There are comfortable tub chairs for reading, or stools and high back chairs for focussed study. We have a wide range of different options, styles and looks to explore.

Besides the obvious and vast array of desks, chairs and library shelving, there are other soft furnishings and accessories to consider when planning your library space. Things like display shelving, locker storage, cushions, screens, trolleys for moving books around (such as our multipurpose trolley or an eflat trolley) and display cabinets.

Contact us – we are here to help!

Making the right decision on library and education furniture can be difficult. Here at Woods Furniture in Australia, our team of friendly experts have extensive experience in everything from office furniture, commercial furniture, education and resource furniture and more. We know all the furniture solutions that can help you make the most out of your library space and we are ready to assist you with the best selection of products. Contact us today to find out more about the amazing things we can do for your library space.

Our locations

We cover schools and education facilities all over Australia for library supplies; WA, VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, NT, TAS each have a representative in the team to help you find the right products. See the contact us page for more information on who your representative is and how to get in contact with them!