Flexible learning furniture

Here at Woods Furniture, we have a wide range of flexible learning furniture designed to create a positive and engaging learning environment.

Our range of flexible learning furniture has a vast variety of colours, sizes, finishes, and fabrics to suit any education environment. All our products are made with a high standard of quality and ergonomic designs. We have the products and ability to help with any project or space, whether an office, TAFE or school.

What is flexible learning furniture?

Flexible learning furniture is an innovative type of school furniture solutions that transforms traditional school classrooms into modern and future-focused learning spaces. It is furniture that acknowledges the impact that learning environments can have on students and is adaptable for different spaces and teaching models.

Technology has caused a revolution in traditional classrooms and teaching methods. Today’s modern learning environment now requires fluid, multi-purpose learning furniture that can adapt to evolving needs, activities and education methods. Flexible furniture facilitates the layout of a modern 21st Century learning space, promoting active learning, collaboration and stimulating engagement in students.

Flexible learning furniture includes dynamic products like desks, chairs and soft furnishings that can be used in multiple layouts and ways to create functional and modern learning spaces. Flexible learning desks, for example, can be found in a variety of shapes, heights for sitting and standing, colours and styles. They can be arranged into various layouts to encourage teamwork and collaboration, or independent learning styles. Seating can range from different types of stools, lounges, tablet chairs, chairs with wheels and traditional desk styled chairs. Soft furnishings like ottomans, cushion trolleys, cubes and blocks can also be extremely flexible for different learning environments.

How do I find the right furniture for my education space?

 Finding the right product for your learning space or classroom is imperative. A classroom’s learning space has one of the biggest impacts on education due to the ergonomic, cognitive and behavioural effects it can have on students.

The best approach to finding the right furniture to work with your school learning spaces is to match the furniture to your space’s needs and purpose, rather than the other way around. Often educators and schools will order seating and furniture without considering the space, students or teachers. Important questions to ask include what classes it is going to be used for (eg. a library layout would be vastly different to a science room set up), what demographic of students will be using it, how the teacher is going to conduct classes and the type of flexibility needed for all the different purposes it could have.

We can assist you in finding the right furniture solution for your classroom. Our team is ready to help and can draw up the classroom spaces to ensure the layout will fit, provide consultation with ideas for different areas, advise on the benefits and features of each product and help with everything from the concept design to the delivery process. Contact us today for more information or shop our wide range of products here online.