Mobile Storage Porter Type B

Designed with a uniform recess to hold our Woods Storage Tubs, school bags, science materials or whatever your daily classroom needs require.

Each recess holds one Woods Storage Tub.
Recess Dimensions:
325mm (h) x 377mm (w) x 460mm (d)

Tub Options
125mm (h) x 315mm (w) x 440mm (d)

Tubs are optional and need to be ordered separately.
MSP B6 = Max. 6 Tubs
MSP B9 = Max. 9 Tubs
MSP B12 = Max. 12 Tubs

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Great options can be added to the back panel of the Mobile Storage Porters.

Diamond Gloss Whiteboard on Back Panel
Available in all sizes.

Magnetic Whiteboard on Back Panel
Available in B12 only.


Pin Board on Back Panel
Available with all Mobile Storage Porter configurations and sizes.


Numbered Compartments
Available with all Mobile Storage Porter configurations and sizes.



18mm E0 Decorwood

This is a medium density fibreboard bonded on both sides with hard wearing melamine decorative surface. The wood content used is 60% pre-consumer recycled and 40% reclaimed silviculture fibre. Edges are sealed and coated with a black or clear polyurethane edge. These tops contain no PVC.
Note : Timber grain finishes may have colour variations.

  • White
    White Finish
  • Oyster Grey
    Oyster Grey Finish
  • Parchment
    Parchment Finish
  • Curly Birch
    Curly Birch Finish
  • Seasoned Oak
    Seasoned Oak Finish
  • Sublime Teak
    Sublime Teak Finish
  • Zincworks
    Zincworks Finish
  • Diamond
    Diamond Finish
  • Ironstone
    Ironstone Finish
  • Steel Blue
    Steel Blue Finish
  • Nordic Terra
    Nordic Terra Finish
  • Olympia Blue
    Olympia Blue Finish
  • Olympia Yellow
    Olympia Yellow Finish
  • Mandarin
    Mandarin Finish
  • Olympia Red
    Olympia Red Finish
  • Juicy
    Juicy Finish
  • Diamond Gloss Whiteboard
    Diamond Gloss Whiteboard Finish

Locker & Mobile Storage Numbering

Our numbering system offers a wide variety of colour coded plaques to complement the door and frame colours. Our system assists with clear identification with numbers engraved into plaques that will stand the test of time. Plaque numbering can be customised to fit a school’s requirements.

  • 400
    400 Finish
  • 410
    410 Finish
  • 918
    918 Finish
  • 426
    426 Finish
  • 402
    402 Finish
  • 448
    448 Finish
  • 465
    465 Finish
  • 459
    459 Finish
  • 438
    438 Finish
  • 347
    347 Finish
  • 484
    484 Finish
  • 435
    435 Finish
  • 479
    479 Finish
  • 937
    937 Finish