Indigenous Fabrics

Introducing our Indigenous fabrics

Our new Indigenous fabrics are painting reproductions from Aboriginal artist Steven Bekue.

Born and raised in South East Queensland, Steven Bekue is a proud Bundjalung and Bidjara man. His ancestors are the Arakwal people from the Bundjalung Nation of Australia’s East Coast. Bundjalung Nation is known as the “Saltwater People”.

Made in Australia with a composition of 100% polyester. These fabrics have a Martindale abrasions rating of 62,500 – Grade 5, Heavy Duty Commercial.

Coastal Waters

“This painting represents the coastal waters for the Bundjalung people. The waterways are very important to Aboriginal people as it is the home to a lot of our main food source, such as fish, crabs, oysters, etc. The food sources are all found in the ocean, rivers, creeks other natural water features such as streams, lakes, waterholes.”

Steven Bekue

Connection to Land

“This painting represents the Bundjalung nation. I’m connected to the Bundjalung country through my ancestors. As a proud Bundjalung man I’m learning stories and passing them on to my children so the spiritual connection to the land continues. Our land is loved, needed, and cared for, and our land loves, needs, and cares for our peoples as well. Our land is family, culture and it’s our identity. Our people need our land for a variety of things such as spiritually, mentally and physically.”

Steven Bekue

The Indigenous fabrics are available in our full range of soft furnishings